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Assassin’s Sash

Assassin’s Sash Aura faint transmutation; CL 5th Slot waist; Price 1,800 gp; Weight — DESCRIPTION This corded sash is woven from golden thread. The assassin’s sash can be thrown once per day as standard action (this is a ranged touch attack). If successful, it grapples an opponent, wrapping around its neck. The target must make […]

Twin Crossings Extra Content #5 – Vale of the Spider Eaters – Part 4

Vale of the Spider Eaters – Part 4 Gopcheck knew now that he wasn’t going to get out of here alive. After fleeing from the airborne monsters—huge flying beasts that looked like a cross between a wasp and a spider—the last survivors fled into a cave near some hot springs deep in the hidden valley. […]

Twin Crossings Extra Content #4 – Vale of the Spider Eaters – Part 3

Vale of the Spider Eaters – Part 3 Gopcheck’s face and hands were scratched and bleeding from running through the woods. This place was creepy—webs above in the forest canopy blocked much of the sun, and the undergrowth was thick. Suddenly, the frightened soldier stumbled onto a game path of some sort. He heard the […]

Underworld Races: The Hoyrall

Yesterday we gave out a taste of the duplicitous underterror, but today the AaWBlog dares to be even more bizarre with the otherworldly hoyrall! Back in January you might remember The Blessings of Zagn, where the insectile aliens are mentioned in passing. Jacob Blackmon is turning in the rest of the artwork this week, and […]