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AaWBlog Presents: Wonders of NaeraCull Brochure #2!

If you’d like to download a copy of this FREE PDF head on over to the Store page, but AaWBlog Presents: Wonders of NaeraCull Brochures are available on RPGNow.com, DriveThruRPG.com, Paizo.com, and d20pfsrd.com as well! We’re keeping it short and sweet today; enjoy your free PDF! [And hey, have you looked at the already funded Snow White Kickstarter to see what […]

Wonders of NaeraCull: God Tears Fall and The Green Spire

When it comes to magnificent waterfalls, one of the Great Wonders of NaeraCull—the God Tears Fall—is the predominant example. Manifest from a three-tiered system of parallel rivers that cut a swath southwest-to-northeast down the Drakesdown Mountains (one of the highest elevation points in Aventyr), the great falls dominate the length of a valley as it […]