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Weird Wednesday (Uralicans Uncut): Avaricious Xyrx Crystal

avaricious xyrx crystal

Avaricious Xyrx Crystal Aura strong metacreativity; ML 14th Slot none; Weight — DESCRIPTION Avaricious xyrx crystals have been infused with the essence of a mad god. Unlike normal xyrx crystals these crystals have more energy to expend (exactly one and half more power points are available) but a depleted avaricious xyrx crystal dissolves into nothingness […]

Magic Item Monday (Uralicans Uncut): Uralican Straight Jacket

uralican straight jacket

URALICAN STRAIGHT JACKET Aura strong metacreativity; ML 11th Slot chest; Price 65,000; Weight 2 lbs. DESCRIPTION The straps of this restraining jacket fasten quickly as the thought of trying it on passes through you mind. There are two ways of wearing this jacket—with the arms tied (restrained) or untied (unrestrained). Each time the jacket is […]