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Trap Tuesday (Banlan Backlash!): Vacuum Mines

god tear pearl

  Vacuum Mines Trap – CR 10  A translucent something ahead of you pops. Suddenly, you find yourself freezing and gasping for air! Type: magical; Perception DC 34; Disable Device DC 34 Trigger location; Reset none Effect  The air in and around the party vacates and the temperature drops. Up to 9 creatures in a 40-ft.-radius take cold damage and suffocate. Vacuum […]

Magic Item Monday (Banlan Backlash!): Airships – Black Arrow and Skyfang!


Stolen Airships are the Best Kind If the adventurers aided the Banlan Brotherhood with their sabotage, the party finds that just outside the Production Yards, their allies are waiting in a swift ship just recently stolen—a gift to the PCs for their help disrupting the doings of the mages of Timeaus! Black Arrow Large air […]

Statblock Sunday (Banlan Backlash!): Commandant and Resistance Leader!

rick hershey - resistance leader alchemist

Depending on what choices the PCs made in yesterday’s Sidequest Saturday, they either run afoul of an Order of the Staff Commandant or one of the Banlan Brotherhood Resistance Leaders!   Order of the Staff Commandant CR 11 XP 12,800 Human barbarian (superstitious) 7/fighter (weaponmaster) 5 LN Medium humanoid (human) Init +3; Senses low-light vision; […]

Sidequest Saturday (Banlan Backlash!): Sabotage!

Image_Portfolio_107_Fantasy Jason Walton 78

The PCs may be on either side of the conflict between the Order of the Staff and the Banlan Brotherhood; depending on their allies, their objectives for this week’s Sidequest Saturday can be completely different—they are either preventing sabotage or are the ones doing it! Either way the adventurers’ patrons offer protective suits that grant […]