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Strange Salve: Inflatable Gauntlets

inflatable gauntlets

Inflatable Gauntlets Aura faint transmutation; CL 3rd Slot wrists; Price 300 gp; Weight 1 lb. DESCRIPTION These surprisingly light gauntlets are made from supple sleeve-length leather gloves inlaid with gold. Though they look expensive, inflatable gauntlets are plated with pyrite (fool’s gold) and are actually far less valuable than most folks initially believe them to […]

Strange Salve: Questionable Crossing

questionable crossing 2

The impossibly large bartender shrugs his shoulders for the seventh time, looking at Mykail with the same curious expression that was plastered onto his face from when the bard first asked about passage across the Mohkba River. “No Common. Only drinks. Want ale?” With his retinue of languages readily exhausted, the half-elf relented. “Yes, want […]

Strange Salve: Enixam, Refuge of the North


Enixam is where the detritus and disenfranchised of Klavek Kingdom’s capital often find themselves shuffled off to. Lepers, pariahs, and outcasts find new lives here, supporting one another and providing ample labor for the busy piers across the Mohkba River. Criminals make efficient use of Enixam and provide the hidden backbone of its economy, disguising […]