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AaW: the Evolution of Tabletop RPGs

  There was a point in the history of the RPG industry where games were strictly handled with a pencil, a handful of dice, and some paper.  Fortunately this industry is nothing if not fluid and flexible, adapting and growing with the technologies of the times.  I remember when PDFs became a common thing as […]


Have you heard about this new website Adventureaweek.com?  If you’re a RPG fanatic and miss Wizards “Map-a-Week” or Dungeon Magazine you’re in for a treat!  World famous cartographer and illustrator Todd Gamble (D&D 3.5, Forgotten Realms, 3x ENnie Award, Origin Award) and Lead Game Developer Jonathan Nelson have started a new website featuring a new […]


“WANT THIS LOOT?” – Contest! Here’s how to win this loot PLUS a free 1 month subscription to Adventureaweek.com! 1.  “Like” Adventureaweek.com on Facebook. 2.  Share a link to “Adventureaweek.com” with all of your friends on Facebook. That’s it!  You’re entered to win!   Win more stuff: If you wish you can also print out […]