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Stealing Stones: Shlyappa Taboo Haunt

shlyappa taboo hauntShlyappa Taboo Haunt     CR 10
XP 9,600
CN Persistent haunt (the entirety of the Shlyappa Enclave)
Caster Level 10th
Notice Perception DC 20 (to notice the walls coalesce in an amber hue)
hp 45; Trigger proximity (detect magic); Reset 1 minute

Effect The Shlyappa taboo haunt is triggered by spells cast below caster level 11th*, one creature jumping over another creature, or by a creature spitting on a wall. A creature that triggers the Shlyappa Taboo haunt makes a DC 25 Fortitude save as their bodies shine with amber light or becomes permanently and completely bald. Creatures that trigger the Shlyappa Taboo haunt a second time make a DC 25 Fortitude save or two random extremities from its appendages turn to stone (usually fingers and toes); this incurs a -1 penalty to any skill checks made involving the use of the creatures hands. Creatures that have already triggered the Shlyappa Taboo haunt twice are at great peril, as it alerts zwerc native to the demiplane with bad omens that usually end with expulsion of the offender. Creatures that trigger the Shlyappa Taboo haunt a third time make a DC 25 Will save or the next time the creature enters the Amber Roads they become lost along the planar byways for one month. Only a limited miracle, limited wish, miracle, regeneration, or wish can reverse the effects of the Shlyappa Taboo haunt.

Destruction To completely destroy the Shlyappa Taboo haunt, the Shlyappa Enclave needs to be subjected to two earthquake spells.

*This includes the manifestation of spell-like abilities that are not constant. Stonespeakers and creatures wearing hats do not trigger the Shlyappa taboo haunt by using spell-like abilities or casting spells.


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