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    Dungeon Builder’s Deck

    $9.99 $7.99

    Dungeon Builder’s Deck

    The Mini-Dungeon Collection brings you the new Dungeon Builder’s Deck suitable for use with any gaming system. This collection of 114 double-sided full-color standard poker-sized cards–each printed with a different interconnecting geomorphic dungeon map–allows you to quickly build a dungeon for your tabletop roleplaying game with the placement of only a few cards.

    • Generate random dungeons or pick-and-choose the configuration
    • Rotate or flip the cards to access over 450 unique map segment configurations
    • Card faces include pre-designed map icons to inspire creativity on the fly
    • Card backs include the same map layout without any map icons
    • Each card depicts between 1 – 9 uniquely designed dungeon rooms
    • Over 720 dungeon rooms of various shapes and sizes represented, and endless corridors
    • Utilize standard polypropylene 9-pocket card display pages to create convenient 3×3 card maps that fit in any binder and are dry-erase compatible


    Side Quests – Volume 1

    $9.99 $7.99

    Side Quests are short side trek excursions for your PCs which can be played in a single sitting. There are four such adventures contained within this single volume, the first of many to come from / AAW Games!

    A Pathfinder Side Quest by Will Myers for four PCs of levels 5-6
    Elves have appeared in Rybalka and are on the search for something ancient. Will the PCs uncover their plot, try to stop them, or join them?

    Giant’s Cavern
    A Pathfinder Side Quest by Stephen Yeardley for four to six PCs of levels 8-11.
    A distraught but angry and determined cleric is looking for a group to work with her to recover the bodies of her former allies and a specific weapon which was the cause of their deaths. However, she needs reassurances that she won’t be cheated and demands a heavy deposit for her information, which will lead to greater rewards.

    Serpens Sanguis
    A Pathfinder Side Quest by Jonathan G. Nelson for four PCs of levels 9-11.
    An ancient cult of maniacal dragon worshipers known as Serpens Sanguis once dwelled deep within a hidden sanctuary buried beneath a tall mountain peak but in recent years the cult has grown deathly silent, all that is left are rumors of powerful magicks and a great treasure hoard which awaits those brave enough to enter.

    Turn again, Turn again
    A Pathfinder Side Quest by Stephen Yeardley for four to six PCs of levels 8-12.
    When the gods and demi-gods were young, fresh and inexperienced, they were often taken in by the duplicitous nature of some of their “worshipers”, falling for flattery and deception from those who were a little more “worldly-wise”. So some of the newer demi-gods devised a series of chests that responded to the actual nature of the person opening it, thus revealing their true selves. These chests were filled, placed in a hidden and challenging spot and watched by two of these deities – to ensure fair play – for when experienced followers, who a particular deity wanted to help develop further, came along.

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    Underworld Races: Colliatur

    5 out of 5
    $6.99 $3.99

    Insidious yet benevolent, the colliatur are denizens of Aventyr born both above and below the surface but made in the Underworld; now they’re ready to become part of your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

    In Underworld Races: Colliatur you’ll find…

    • a brand new player race of transformed humanoids!
    • favored class options for all kinds of PCs!
    • the crystal cannonade gunslinger archetype!
    • new equipment—colliatur shards and colliatur powder!
    • Disposable Parts, Bringer of Light, Nimbus Wielder and more new feats!
    • new magic items like the crystalline implant and merciful shard!
    • alien surge, light of knowledge, crystal expulsion and other new spells!

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    A24: Return to Crypt of the Sun Lord

    5 out of 5
    $9.99 $7.99

    The temple bells rang out, their crystal hollow-overtones calling gently to the dispersed worshipers dwelling within the underground sun temple. The Temple of the Sun was itself an enigma, a place dedicated to the sun but hidden far underground, shielded from the mighty rays of the light of life, forced to do so for both secrecy and protection. Internal holy radiance was the heart of the temple, bathing Flaesuros’ children with the light of the holy orb of light, emanations from a Sliver of the Sun, an actual piece of the massive orb of life above; this was the logic behind the temple’s secrecy, her many levels of protection and traps, the reason why priests who fervently revered light now clung to the shadows.

    Return to Crypt of the Sun Lord is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible adventure for four to six PCs of levels 6-8 and includes:

    • Puzzles to keep your players engaged and inspired
    • New monsters including the Skeletal Ash Beast
    • Ancient runes which can be used to solve puzzles and advance in the crypt
    • A new magic item which may be donned by a single PC to great effect
    • An artifact which has the potential to either change the world or destroy it


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    Underworld Races: Dødelig

    5 out of 5
    $6.99 $3.99

    Perhaps the oddest of all the varied races in the Underworld of Aventyr, the capering dødelig traverse the endless caves in constant search for their buried kin—and now they’re ready to join your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!


    In Underworld Races: Dødelig you’ll find…

    • a brand new Small-sized undead player race!
    • favored class options for every kind of PC!
    • new equipment—the chilling bone xylophone and dangerous obsidian bullets!
    • new feats like Sharp Hands, Lasting Vanity, Lucky Find and more!
    • new magic items like the dødelig bone chime and dødelig bone token!
    • historic resemblance, dødeligaton, and more new spells!
    • the day rambler paragon class, great for undead that hate the sunlight!

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    U01: Dark Days in Stoneholme

    4 out of 5
    $6.99 $5.99

    Waves of supernatural darkness sweep over the subterranean city of Stoneholme, quenching lights and bringing with it foul creatures of shadow. After heroically defending a group of dwarven children from being ravaged by a group of these shadow beings, the PCs are approached by Shtawn Deppenkhut—one of the king’s own advisers—and are offered the task of finding the source of the darkness that threatens the city.

    The PCs investigation takes them through the Underworld to hidden caverns, where demon worshipping priests offer living sacrifices in an attempt to plunge Stoneholme into everlasting darkness, a first step in destroying the hated city once and for all, but as it turns out the priests aren’t the only ones behind this unfolding plan to destroy Stoneholme.

    Dark Days in Stoneholme is a Pathfinder/3.5 compatible adventure suitable for four to six PCs of 1st-2nd level that features low-level exploration in Aventyr’s Underworld and intrigue both in and around the dwarven city of Stoneholme.

    This fine dwarven-themed adventure includes:

    • Dwarves, diabolists, and demons!
    • The Underworld city of Stoneholme!
    • Two new magical items, the aubade pendant (to light a wayward adventurer’s path) and the dark-heart ruby (a devious stone of dark portent).
    • The Dark-Blessed template, offering up a new means to embolden your monsters and NPCS!
    • Two separate dungeons—the Quartzfell Glassworks and Felltooth Temple!

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    C06: The Community Dungeon

    4 out of 5
    $9.99 $7.99

    A D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder compatible adventure designed for four to six PCs of levels 2-3

    88 pages of pure old school dungeon!

    It all started with a post on the world’s most popular social networking website. “How would you like to write up your own room in our first ever community dungeon?” I wanted to build an old school dungeon with likeminded folks, throwing the typical adventure building model out the window and starting from scratch with a bunch of empty rooms and only our incredible imaginations to fill the gap. What started off as a simple idea turned into a very complicated process which I can only describe as “herding cats”. However, almost two years later here we are! Our first community dungeon adventure is done and with it the chance to do another. If you love this adventure please share your thoughts with us! Post on our forum at, send us email, go outside and scream about us to the sky and moon. If you the reader, the GM, the old school dungeon lover wants more we would be more than happy to oblige…and if you want to be a part of the next dungeon… well you better get your manuscript ready, it will be here before you know it!
    -Jonathan G. Nelson
    AAW Games

    In ages past, a dungeon was created.  Designers, engineers, and trapmakers from every land were brought together to create this insidious vault.  Is it a temple to some unknown and forgotten god?  The keep of a mad warlord?  The crypt of a necromancer?  A test to see which adventures can pass and return with pockets full of treasure and which fail and are never see again?  The only way to find out is to enter and see if you survive.

    Also included in “The Community Dungeon”:

    • Cartography by Wizards of the Coast mapmaker Jared Blando
    • Multiple puzzles to keep the PCs and players alike on their toes
    • Rooms created by dozens of different game designers
    • New monsters such as the Llacum parum succubus and the sailfin dragon

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    Dire, Devilish Deeds (3 of 4): Devaneas Arcineum 1

    4 out of 5

    A Pathfinder/3.5 Compatible Adventure for 3-6 PCs of Any Level

    Every coin has two sides, every discussion at least two points of view, and magic is no different. If it came from just one source, think how much more straightforward being a spellcaster would be! But magic is strange and fascinating, a force that beguiles and can promise much whilst delivering little. Supporters of its varied sources and uses abound, putting their point of view forward whenever possible.

    And so the PCs encounter Maaginen Jekku and Olemus Multa, two casters engaged in a seemingly-eternal discussion about the merits of various magics. Perhaps you have met them before, in a different time and place? Perhaps not, but then now is your chance! Maaginen Jekku has asked you to represent him in his testing gauntlet, with Olemus Multa providing the opposition, which could be anything. You will face foes that will challenge you at the very same time your own abilities catch you by surprise. You will be rewarded well, but may find there is no help that is better than your own skills, wits and perseverance. And you will find yourself changing as you face all that is put in front of you; indeed, it is difficult not to!

    Such a demanding test will require help, and Maaginen will definitely provide that. After all, you’re each doing him a favour, so he is happy to, well, return those favors. What could be more rewarding than a life-changing experience that leaves you much more than you were before you started it?

    Part 3 of the Dire, Devilish Deeds quartet contains:

    • A fresh, plane-spanning environment that is far from what it seems
    • The first 8 encounter areas of this challenging, arcane-fuelled gauntlet
    • Puzzles to test the skills of both the players and the PCs, with progress and rewards influenced by their degree of success
    • Traps with “helpful” results
    • New creature, the “Cave of Worlds”, which allows access to many and varied places across the multiverse
    • Chances to face combat at a variety of levels, in a variety of ways, as a variety of creatures
    • The opportunity for your PCs to take place in the greatest experiment known to humanoidkind and to influence the results!


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    Dire, Devilish Deeds (2 of 4): Arcineum Devaneas 2

    5 out of 5

    A Pathfinder/3.5 Compatible Adventure for 3-6 PCs of Any Level

    Deep within the gauntlet that is Olemus Multa’s testing ground, the party is finding that championing a druid can have its unsettling moments! The chance to find out “how the other half live and die” is a rare one, and understanding the tooth and claw, sting and constricting coils of what would usually be a foe is both alien and liberating. Yet there is clearly more to come, because as you catch your breath after the first few tests, the path forward continues to lead to another gateway, another puzzle, and another challenging experience.

    However, the material rewards so far have been worth all the strangeness, and after every difficult demand placed on you, you can feel the physical ones as well, as you gain insight and experience. And have you noticed anything about the creatures you face? Yes, they are getting stronger, wilier. But then so are you, and if you have someone in the group with the wisdom and knowledge, they may be able to predict what you will face next, and what you will become to do so. So you continue onwards, knowing that your minds and bodies will have to be prepared for more changes, greater trials, and the chance to be more than you have ever imagined!

    Part 2 of the Dire, Devilish Deeds quartet contains:

    • The next stage of plane-spanning environment that is far from what it seems, including the final pan-dimensional temple
    • The next set of encounter areas of this challenging gauntlet, more demanding than the first collection
    • Further puzzles to test the skills of both the players and the PCs, with progress and rewards influenced by their degree of success
    • Traps with “helpful” results
    • A chance to gain the thanks of representative of the gods, who can be more generous than you know
    • Chances to face combat at a variety of levels, in a variety of ways, as a variety of creatures
    • The opportunity for your PCs to take a place in the greatest experiment known to humanoidkind and to influence the results!