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  • AAW_FantasyGrounds_LearningTime

    A Learning Time (Fantasy Grounds)

    $6.99 $5.99


    A Pathfinder compatible adventure for beginner players and game masters, 4 PCs of levels 1-2.

    The first chapter of a series of seasonally thematic modules that can be run to completion in 3-6 hours.

    Prepare to be schooled!

    Exallizar Preparatory Academy is a place that, for generations, has trained the best and brightest heroes in the land. All of the students are the children of famous heroes, and as one of the fortunate attendees, it is your job to uphold the legacy of excellence attached to your family name.

    As a student in Exallizar, you will be put through the paces like never before. This first year will see you and three strangers attempting the Gauntlet – a mysterious crucible that will put all of your studies to the test!

    Also included in “A Learning Time”:

    • The first look at an exciting new miniature campaign setting specifically intended for the basic version of Pathfinder.
    • A classic monster never before seen in the basic version of Pathfinder.
    • Four new iconic pre-generated PCs for quick and immersive play.
    • A grading system to let you know how well you’ve done at the end of the adventure.
    • A great introduction to Pathfinder for children and young adults

    Requires: A Fantasy Grounds full or ultimate license and the included Pathfinder ruleset.

    Converted to Fantasy Grounds by J.A. Kerns

    Fantasy Grounds II is a trademark of SmiteWorks USA, LLC (C) 2014. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.



    Rybalka (Fantasy Grounds)

    $6.99 $2.99


    Dive into Rybalka and the surrounding environs with the first ever AaW Campaign Setting release!

    This Fantasy Grounds module includes all locations, characters, maps, and images in relation to Rybalka appearing thus far on the AaW site and in adventure releases.

  • AAW_FantasyGrounds_HappinessInSlavery

    Happiness in Slavery (Fantasy Grounds)

    $6.99 $5.99


    A Pathfinder/3.5 Compatible Adventure for 6-8 PCs of levels 4-6

    The PCs are just bedding down for the night when the village is attacked by raiders. What at first appear to be simple bandits turns out to be more frightening when they discover the ‘raiders’ are not mere brigands, but foul Orcs. Worse, they have taken captives. With the help of several locals, the PCs must chase down these Orcs in an attempt to return the villagers.

    The PCs chase the Orcs all the way back to their village. Unfortunately the rescue mission turns into a call for aid, as the PCs discover the Orcs are in as much need as their captives. While under no obligation to do so, the PCs find themselves assisting new (and unlikely) allies.

    Also included in “Happiness in Slavery”:

    • A new form of lake boat
    • 4 new Traps
    • A new island and village to explore!
    • A new first in cartography! Award winning cartographer Todd Gamble combines his top notch model scenery crafting skills with hand drawn cartography resulting in one of the most beautiful maps he has ever produced.
    • Multiple ways to complete the primary quest and an optional ending

  • AAW_FantasyGrounds_UnderHisSkin

    Under His Skin (Fantasy Grounds)

    $6.99 $5.99


    A Pathfinder/3.5 Compatible Adventure for 4-6 PCs of levels 1-2

    Saben Behi is lauded amongst his peers for his study of the very nature of magic has touched lives across the world. But he remains secluded, and has suddenly fallen silent after suggesting he was studying the art of necromancy to extend one’s life forever.

    The PCs arrive at the wizard’s tower to find it in disarray, rapidly dissolving into a rotten mess. What has Saben brought upon himself – or worse, what might he have become?

    Also included in “Under His Skin”:

    • A new, low-key magical firearm for your gun-toting PCs
    • A contested borderlands and wizard academy to expand your campaign setting
    • Extra-planar intrigue, as the PCs get involved with an overly interested outsider
    • A new monster, the alchemic ameoba
    • Maps by three time ENnie Award winning cartographer Todd Gamble

  • AAW_FantasyGrounds_CryptOfTheSunLord

    Crypt of the Sun Lord (Fantasy Grounds)

    $6.99 $5.99


    A Pathfinder/3.5 Compatible Adventure for 4-6 PCs of level 1

    The adventurers travel across Serpent Lake with a group of Rybalkan soldiers.  The group camps for the night adjacent to the ruins of Ka’Teek.  As they sleep a goblin steals a precious keepsake from one of the PCs and disappears into the ruins.  The party pursues and finds themselves confronting undead guardians of the Sun Lord while avoiding dangerous traps.

    Will the PCs find the goblin and retrieve their precious keepsake or stumble upon something much more sinister?

    Also included in “Crypt of the Sun Lord”:

    • The first adventure ever launched on
    • Exclusive locations in the Adventureaweek Campaign Setting fleshed out in great detail and accompanied with high resolution maps
    • Maps and Illustrations by 3x ENnie Award winning Cartographer Todd Gamble
    • The Life Ring, a new magical item which bestows the wearer with extra HP
    • A new minor artifact with hidden powers which unlock as the PCs increase in level

    Note: PDF not included.