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    Underworld Classes: Underterror

    4.00 out of 5
    $6.99 $3.99

    Infernal contracts are rarely to be lauded and though the gitwerc of Aventyr’s Underworld are already indebted to the devils of HEL, some take their agreement even further. These horrifying individuals morph their bodies to the extreme, using their unholy powers to infiltrate society before overwhelming enemies as they reveal themselves to be underterrors! This brand new base class and its archetype, the savant of HEL, are designed for use by gitwerc in the subterranean caverns of the Underworld of Aventyr, but their misbegotten powers are certain to bring a fearfully fun time to any Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

  • AAW_FantasyGrounds_DarkDaysInStoneholme

    U01: Dark Days in Stoneholme (Fantasy Grounds)



    A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible adventure for 4-6 PCs of levels 5-7.

    Waves of supernatural darkness sweep over the subterranean city of Stoneholme, quenching lights and bringing with it foul creatures of shadow. After heroically defending a group of dwarven children from being ravaged by a group of these shadow beings, the PCs are approached by Shtawn Deppenkhut—one of the king’s own advisers—and are offered the task of finding the source of the darkness that threatens the city.

    The PCs investigation takes them through the Underworld to hidden caverns, where demon worshipping priests offer living sacrifices in an attempt to plunge Stoneholme into everlasting darkness, a first step in destroying the hated city once and for all, but as it turns out the priests aren’t the only ones behind this unfolding plan to destroy Stoneholme.

    Dark Days in Stoneholme is a Pathfinder/3.5 compatible adventure suitable for four to six PCs of 1st-2nd level that features low-level exploration in Aventyr’s Underworld and intrigue both in and around the dwarven city of Stoneholme.

    This fine dwarven-themed adventure includes:

    • Dwarves, diabolists, and demons!
    • The Underworld city of Stoneholme!
    • Two new magical items, the aubade pendant (to light a wayward adventurer’s path) and the dark-heart ruby (a devious stone of dark portent).
    • The Dark-Blessed template, offering up a new means to embolden your monsters and NPCS!
    • Two separate dungeons—the Quartzfell Glassworks and Felltooth Temple!


  • brochure-3-cover

    AaWBlog Presents—Wonders of NaeraCull Brochure #3: The Fire Lit Mountain


    AaWBlog Presents gathers together the great daily content posted on the blog; the Wonders of NaeraCull series of PDFs are built as travel brochures that highlight the dangerous Hungering Jungle of Aventyr, making a convenient FREE product that promises to be a great resource for GMs of all kinds.

    In AaWBlog Presents: Wonders of NaeraCull Brochure #3 (The Fire-lit Mountain) you’ll find…
    • the ash ghouls and ash spirits of Mt. Mahangua
    • Xacana, a settlement nestled against the volcanic mountain
    • the igneous trinket, for adventurers with enough courage to brave the heat
    • the simple but effective igneous rock trap
    • the shrine of Mahangua haunt
    • the Mahanguan Pilgrimage Trail
    • a beautiful map by expert cartographer Justin Andrew Mason!
    • a printable 10% off coupon for the AaW booth at Gencon!
    Author: Rory Toma
    Layout/Art: Justin Andrew Mason
    Editor: Mike Myler

  • NaeraCull-1-screenshot

    AaWBlog Presents—Wonders of NaeraCull Brochure #1: Sunny Southern Shores


    AaWBlog Presents gathers together the great daily content posted on the blog; the Wonders of NaeraCull series of PDFs are built as travel brochures that highlight the dangerous Hungering Jungle of Aventyr, making a convenient FREE product that promises to be a great resource for GMs of all kinds.

    Included in the Wonders of NaeraCull Brochure #1: Sunny Southern Shores you’ll find…
    • an encounter with the loyal undead canines of the dread pirate, the Red Death
    • a horrifying new monster in the surf, the tide of the undead
    • the seadog’s eyepatch, a new magic item ideal for any sailor
    • a new trap, the pirate triggersling
    • spectacle of the Red Death, an unsettling new haunt
    • the Rest of the Red Death, a truly memorable story locale!
    Keep an eye out the rest of this month as we release a PDF at the end of each week detailing different areas of the Hungering Jungle, welcoming players and GMs alike to NaeraCull and the rest of Aventyr!

    Authors: Justin Andrew Mason, Mike Myler, Rory Toma

    Layout: Justin Andrew Mason

    NaeraCull logo: Justin Andrew Mason

  • Gitwerc - cover

    Underworld Races: Gitwerc

    5.00 out of 5
    $6.99 $3.99

    Shunned by the gods and consumed with avarice, foul infernal dwarves roam the very depths of Aventyr’s subterranean realm, ensconced with the devils of HEL—the gitwerc! Empowered by a dark pact made during the Forging of the Dvergr, these despicable denizens of the Underworld gather souls for their counterparts in HEL. Of all the many dwarves of Aventyr, none are as feared and dangerous as the gitwerc!

    What lurks above HEL in the lands of the gitwerc?

    • A brand new player race, an innovative take on dwarves unlike any other!
    • Favored class options for all Pathfinder core classes!
    • New equipment!
    • Despicable magic items like the blood candle and HELfire ash!
    • Feats of subtle dangerous import and abhorrent means!
    • Spells guaranteed to terrify the foes of these dread dwarves!