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    5E C03: Sufferhorn Castle (Fantasy Grounds)



    A 5th Edition compatible adventure for four PCs of Levels 2-3

    Mosshammer Castle has been seized by Sufferhorn orcs!  The former occupants of the castle are missing, most likely slain by the orcs during the violent attack.  Could the movement of the orcs into human territory herald a coming orc horde and the surging tides of war?  If the castle is not reclaimed the nearby towns and villages could be overrun when orc reinforcements arrive.  The PCs are called upon to retake the castle, now dubbed “Sufferhorn Castle” by the occupying orcs.  The mission will not be easy; the PCs must storm a castle, figure out how to get inside, and slay the leader of the Sufferhorn Orcs, the dreaded Dolaken Boarhut.

    Also included in “Sufferhorn Castle”:

    • Cartography by 3x ENnie award winner Todd Gamble and Jonathan Nelson
    • Sufferhorn Orc lore by Scott Ackerland
    • New Magical Item: Book of Striking Good Looks
    • New Monster: Mosshammer Skeletal Soldiers
    • Three New Traps by Rory Toma of Trap-a-day
    • Two bonus short side quests including a treasure map

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    (5E) A05: Winterflower (Fantasy Grounds)



    A 5th Edition compatible adventure for four to six PCs of Levels 4-5

    The annual Winterflower Festival & Dance is just around the corner! What originally started as a festival to honor the rare Winterflower has grown into an annual gathering for families, soldiers, and hunters to eat, drink, and dance the night away.

    The festival is named after the rarest flower in the world. It thrives in a cold mountainous region and has a reputation for growing on sheer mountain peaks and cliffs. It is the only flower known to grow through layers of snow in order to reach the sunlight. When carefully transplanted near the village the Winterflower is considered a blessing which protects the village from harm.

    It is customary for the men of the village to ask the women to the dance by presenting them with rare, difficult to obtain gifts. A woman will usually select from the men based on the rarity of the gift with which she was presented.

    This year, a beautiful maiden by the name of Gwendolyn has come of age and many men vie for her attention. Three such men are Nicoli Vrodle, Alem Dulgra, and Vladimir Pelchonal- all of which are willing to go to great lengths to attend the Winterflower Festival & Dance with the maiden Gwendolyn on their arm.

    Each of the three men hire the PCs to retrieve the rarest gifts in the land.

    The catch? The Winterflower Festival starts in just 5 days so the PCs must hurry!

    Also included in “Winterflower”:

    • Maps and Illustrations by 3x ENnie Award winner Todd Gamble
    • Optional story arc transitioning from A04 into A05 depending upon the PCs actions in the previous adventure.
    • Three main quests, of which the PCs may choose to take only one or all three if they so wish. Adventure conclusion varies greatly depending on the PCs choices and actions.
    • New Trap: Stone Walk
    • New Puzzle: Entrance to the Dwarf Realm
    • New Map: Old Rybalkan Shipwreck
    • Illustration: Winterflower and the Solitary Giant
    • New Monster: Snow Roc

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    (5E) B02: Happiness in Slavery (Fantasy Grounds)



    A 5th Edition compatible adventure for six to eight PCs of levels 4-6

    The PCs are just bedding down for the night when the village is attacked by raiders. What at first appear to be simple bandits turns out to be more frightening when they discover the ‘raiders’ are not mere brigands, but foul Orcs. Worse, they have taken captives. With the help of several locals, the PCs must chase down these Orcs in an attempt to return the villagers.

    The PCs chase the Orcs all the way back to their village. Unfortunately the rescue mission turns into a call for aid, as the PCs discover the Orcs are in as much need as their captives. While under no obligation to do so, the PCs find themselves assisting new (and unlikely) allies.

    Also included in “Happiness in Slavery”:

    • A new form of lake boat
    • 4 new Traps
    • A new island and village to explore!
    • A new first in cartography! Award winning cartographer Todd Gamble combines his top notch model scenery crafting skills with hand drawn cartography resulting in one of the most beautiful maps he has ever produced.
    • Multiple ways to complete the primary quest and an optional ending


  • 5e B01 FG-small

    (5E) B01: Under His Skin (Fantasy Grounds)



    A 5th Edition compatible adventure for four to six PCs of levels 1-2

    Saben Behi is lauded amongst his peers for his study of the very nature of magic has touched lives across the world. But he remains secluded, and has suddenly fallen silent after suggesting he was studying the art of necromancy to extend one’s life forever.

    The PCs arrive at the wizard’s tower to find it in disarray, rapidly dissolving into a rotten mess. What has Saben brought upon himself – or worse, what might he have become?

    Also included in “Under His Skin”:

    • A contested borderlands and wizard academy to expand your campaign setting
    • Extra-planar intrigue, as the PCs get involved with an overly interested outsider
    • A new monster, the alchemic ameoba
    • Maps by three time ENnie Award winning cartographer Todd Gamble


  • 5e SH3 FG

    5E Shattered Heart Adventure Path #3: Breath of the Goddess (Fantasy Grounds)



    A tale of madness, death, life, and revelation for four to five 8th level player characters.

    The ancient worship of the Great Mother continues its renaissance on the broken island of halfling Picollo. Will the engineers of its rebirth fall prey to heresy and false promise, or with they stand true to the tenets of community and joy?

    The lost archipelago of Picollo now lies under the waves deep in the southern seas, buried under the body of the Dracoprime. In the area known as The Spine of the Dragon, the ancient temple to the air aspect of the Great Mother still stands, shrouded in mystery and superstition. A mission to reclaim the site shortly after the end of the Hoyrall Wars was aborted prematurely without discovering the fate of the priests once serving the goddess at this mystical site. The madness of the past seeks to trap the heroes as they venture forth to uncover the mysteries therein, and the madness of the present seeks to hide the truths lurking under the breath of the goddess.

    Also included in this adventure:

    • Engineering puzzles and challenges to test the monument building skills of your players.
    • A new monster, the Drakhalfryda: a terrible byproduct of the Dracoprime’s plummet into southern Aventyr.
    • Five new magic items and two magical boons (for those willing to pay the price).
    • A method to track the PCs’ influence on the future

  • AAW_C01_FG_5E

    5E C01: Alagoran’s Gem (Fantasy Grounds)

    5.00 out of 5


    A 5th Edition classic style adventure for four to six PCs of levels 3-5

    The first adventure in’s Classic Series remembering Gary Gygax, Dave Arneson, David C. Sutherland III, and the origins of the Dungeons & Dragons game.  C1 is an extremely challenging, traditional dungeon crawl crafted in the style of old school D&D adventure modules.  Make sure your players roll up extra characters, they’re going to need ‘em!

    Brave a dungeon filled with ferocious monsters and deadly traps in an attempt to retrieve Alagoran’s Gem, a fabled gem coveted by lords and kings the world over.

    Will your PCs conquer the dungeon and emerge with the rare gem, or meet their end inside, never to be heard from again?

    Also included in “Alagoran’s Gem”:

    • A challenging dungeon inspired by some of the most classic and famous D&D adventures
    • Numerous and varied adventure hooks provided to introduce your PCs to the adventure
    • Suitable for use in any campaign setting
    • Loads of dangerous new traps where wit overcomes all
    • Intriguing puzzles to engage gaming groups
    • A valuable gem of historic significance and a perfect hook to new adventures
    • Consistant 5-star reviews including EZG’s seal of approval

    “I honestly didn’t expect much from this module, seeing how often “old-school” is used as a synonym for “nothing new/creative” here – that’s not the case here. Yes, the story is simplistic, there is not a grand mini-game or some other twist – but know what? The design-philosophy, much like in the excellent modules by Frog God Games oozes this sense of antiquity, of looming danger and death, of unpredictability and the NEED, not the option, to use your brain in order to survive. This is not dungeoneering for people who cry when their character dies. This a module that oozes old-school flair, that evokes a sense of accomplishment when completed and, while it is a harsh mistress, remains a fair sojourn – this is no meat-grinder, it is a hard, challenging module. Not Rappan Athuk-level hard, mind you, but hard. And boy do I like it for that – the use of hazards, traps (that are not disabled via 1 roll) and enemies make this not only a blast from the past that evokes nostalgia via its themes and design, it also makes this module a stellar first offering for the C-series. I’m completely and fully recommending this very cheap module and look forward to seeing how the rest of the C-line will hold up to my scrutiny. If what I’ve written here even remotely intrigues you and if you’re looking for a well-written dungeon-exploration – here you go. My final verdict? 5 stars, endzeitgeist seal of approval.”



    5E Shattered Heart Adventure Path #2 – The Temple of Jewels and Mirrors (Fantasy Grounds)



    Winner of the Pathmaster adventure writing contest Michael Allen brings us the long awaited Shattered Heart Adventure Path.


    A tale of power and corruption for four to five level 7 player characters. 

    Carlyetta Wesleigh once again seeks the PCs’ help to restore the earth temple of the Great Mother, which stands as testament to the ancient bond between the halflings and dwoerg of Picollo.

    The last temple of the goddess to be abandoned during the Hoyrall Wars, the Temple of Jewels and Mirrors, has been sealed for hundreds of years. From the nearby dwoerg city of Stoneroot a team of brave companions sets forth to prepare the site for sanctification by the priests of the newly-revived Devotees of the Four Hearts. Ignorance, deception, and the resurgence of a threat long thought eliminated from the shores of Picollo combine to frustrate the efforts of the intrepid band.

    Also Included in this Adventure: 

    • Richly detailed relationships with recurring NPCs.
    • Five new monsters, the Zagnatti: a race spawned from the mind of an alien god.
    • A method to track the PCs’ influence on the future development of Picollan society.
    • Notes on scaling for parties of 6 or more.