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Tribal Troubles: Heresy Pass

Heresy Pass
Heresy Pass
Heresy Pass

Heresy Pass sits on the entrance to the ancestral lands of clan Piseogach. The clan, having turned against magic burns those that wield and/or practice it. Using that which they condemn, they have created a trap at the entrance to their land to cleanse any that would defile their clan by bringing magic with them.

Heresy Pass (CR 6)

The road here has been cut from the mountain for hundreds of feet. The road is narrow. Tall wooden spikes are driven into the sides of the road. Each spike is surrounded by a neatly stacked pile of wood.

Type: magical; Perception DC 30; Disable Device 30

Trigger location; Reset None


The road cuts through the mountain for 300 feet. While on this stretch of road, the only way to leave the roadway is to climb (DC 30) the mountainside. When someone reaches the midway point, a detect magic is cast. If there is any magic, each spike ignites violently in flame, turning all 300 feet of roadway into a blazing inferno. The Flaming Road (2d6 + 7 fire damage to anyone on road, 2d4 to anyone within 10 feet of road and 1d4 to anyone within 10′-20′ of road)

Not only is this trap used to deter would-be heretics, it is also used at times to punish those of the clan that would possess or use magic. Once every full moon, magic users are tied to the stakes, and the flames are started. If the PCs look around carefully they will find evidence of this fact. There is also a 5% chance that they will find a minor wondrous item that was left on one of the staked victims and left to burn.

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