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Weird Wednesday (Macabre Manses): Fomalhaut the Nebulous

Once the PCs have entered the Macabre Manse they automatically begin to feel uneasy amongst their surroundings. Peering outside the mansion confirms their suspicions that something is awry, but curiosity here is likely to get someone killed. The home plane of Fomalhaut is encompassed only by his chaotic form—solid ground does not exist within the plane except for the recently transported estate.

Twisted Visage Hazard CR 11
Notice Perception DC 30 (to disbelieve the illusion)
Whenever a character peers into the depths of the Nebulous One’s body (encompassing everything outside of this Macabre Manse), they must resist the effects of the twisted visage hazard that roils throughout Fomalhaut. The affected character is driven mad by visions and sees all those around as twisted amalgamations of their former selves. The creature is compelled to flee in fear from his companions; in the event that the affected creature is immune to fear effects, they are instead compelled to fight their allies. Both effects last for a number of rounds equal to the creature’s hit die.

The enormous body of Fomalhaut must be destroyed or otherwise removed to permanently end the effects of the twisted visage hazard.

Fomalhaut the Nebulous
Picture from the Hubble Space Telescope, re-used in accordance with the policies on (property of STScl).


[Submitted by Jeremy Kleve!]

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