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    (5E) BASIC03: A Giving Time


    by Kevin Mickelson

    A 5th Edition compatible adventure, four level 3 PCs

    The long cold is approaching!

    As food grows scarcer, monsters grow more desperate – and before long a peaceful monastery is besieged by savage beasts of the forest.
    It’s come down to the stalwart heroes-in-training of Exallizar Preparatory Academy to save the day again!

    “A Giving Time” includes:

    • The third part of an ongoing adventure path
    • The return of Ronius, Willow, Meeris, and Kale, pre-generated PCs ready for instant play and fully upgraded for level 3 
    • A new breed of monster that is sure to be an instant seasonal classic
    • A grading system to let you know how well you’ve done at the end of the adventure
    • Maps for VTT

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        (5E) BASIC02: A Frightful Time



        A 5th Edition compatible adventure for beginner players and game masters, 4 PCs of levels 1-2 Fall into heroism!

        The young heroes from Exallizar Preparatory Academy are back for their second adventure – and this time, there’s no safety net. A nearby town has sent out a call for aid after a mad hermit has promised to spread untold misery during their yearly harvest celebration. Your group has been selected by the administration to answer that call, and act as representatives for the entire school! You dare not fail.

        “A Frightful Time” includes:

        • The second leg of the adventure started in BASIC01
        • The return of Ronus, Willow, Meeris, and Kale, fully upgraded to level 2
        • A new breed of monster that is sure to be an instant seasonal classic
        • A grading system to let you know how well you’ve done at the end of the adventure
        • Part of a series of seasonally thematic modules, BASIC02 can be run to completion in 3-6 hours

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        5E BASIC01: A Learning Time


        Calling all Beginner D&D 5th Edition DMs and Players!

        A D&D 5th Edition adventure for beginner players and DMs, 4 PCs of levels 1-2

        Prepare to be schooled!

        Exallizar Preparatory Academy is a place that, for generations, has trained the best and brightest heroes in the land. All of the students are the children of famous heroes, and as one of the fortunate attendees, it is your job to uphold the legacy of excellence attached to your family name.

        As a student in Exallizar, you will be put through the paces like never before. This first year will see you and three strangers attempting the Gauntlet – a mysterious crucible that will put all of your studies to the test!

        Also included in “A Learning Time”:

        • The first look at an exciting new miniature campaign setting specifically intended for D&D Basic
        • Four new iconic pre-generated PCs for quick and immersive play
        • A classic monster never before seen in the basic version of D&D
        • A grading system to let you know how well you’ve done at the end of the adventure
        • The first chapter of a series of seasonally thematic modules that can be run to completion in 3-6 hours

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        5E U01: Dark Days in Stoneholme

        $6.99 $5.99

        Dark Days in Stoneholme is a D&D 5th Edition compatible adventure suitable for four to six PCs of 1st-2nd level that features low-level exploration in Aventyr’s Underworld and intrigue both in and around the dwarven city of Stoneholme.

        Waves of supernatural darkness sweep over the subterranean city of Stoneholme, quenching lights and bringing with it foul creatures of shadow. After heroically defending a group of dwarven children from being ravaged by a group of these shadow beings, the PCs are approached by Shtawn Deppenkhut—one of the king’s own advisers—and are offered the task of finding the source of the darkness that threatens the city.

        The PCs investigation takes them through the Underworld to hidden caverns, where demon worshipping priests offer living sacrifices in an attempt to plunge Stoneholme into everlasting darkness, a first step in destroying the hated city once and for all, but as it turns out the priests aren’t the only ones behind this unfolding plan to destroy Stoneholme.

        This fine dwarven-themed adventure includes:

        • Dwarves, diabolists, and demons!
        • The Underworld city of Stoneholme!
        • Two new magical items, the aubade pendant (to light a wayward adventurer’s path) and the dark-heart ruby (a devious stone of dark portent).
        • The Dark-Blessed template, offering up a new means to embolden your monsters and NPCS!
        • Two separate dungeons—the Quartzfell Glassworks and Felltooth Temple!

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        5E B09: Curse of the Full Moon


        A 5th Edition compatible adventure for four to six PCs Levels 4-5

        “Have you ever been jostled awake by the shrill howl of a terrible beast?  Felt the hairs on the back of your neck rise up, and goosebumps wash over your body like death’s cold caress?  I have.  For the past two weeks, every single night, a big wolf-like beast, covered in thick fur has invaded our normally quaint village, disturbing the peace.  Right about the time this thing started appearing folks began reporting odd events in town.  The dead are rising from their graves to torment the living.  Many townsfolk have begun to pack to leave town. We just can’t live here anymore, it’s unholy and unsafe.”

        “If you feel like helping out, the folk here in Rooknest sure would appreciate it.  You can see the mayor ‘bought the job and the pay.  Good luck, you’ll need it.”

        A terrifying taste of what you’ll get in “Curse of the Full Moon”:

        • A new dark and forgotten deity, including full descriptions of her cult and rituals.
        • The Hellween and the Avatar of Alkumuoto, two terrible creatures to face on Hallow’s Eve.
        • Three beautifully terrifying new maps by 3x ENnie winning cartographer Todd Gamble.
        • A terrifying Halloween adventure filled with undead to haunt your players. Play it with candles.

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        5E B07: Beauty & Blood


        A 5th Edition compatible adventure for four to six PCs of 4th level

        The small town of Iversdam is threatened by an insane nymph! Accompanied by vicious mites and deadly mountain wolves, the townsfolk have little to defend themselves should an attack come to them. Three villagers have died trying to enter the nearby Silwood, and now an adventuring party has also vanished within. The party must find a way to stop the nymph before she descends on Iversdam and wipes this small town off the map completely.

        Also included in “Beauty & Blood”:

        • New Creature! The Mountain Wolf, a more combat focused version of the classic wolf
        • The town of Iversdam, located on a trade route through the mountains
        • Fell materials such as dryad-leather and spider-fang weapons
        • New Item! The Blessed Honey of Life
        • New Magic Item!

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        5E B08: Thief in the Night


        A 5th Edition compatible adventure for four to six PCs of levels 4-6

        The city of Bridgefort needs your help!  A series of robberies have begun to cause panic and distrust within the city.  Witnesses are reporting seeing vampires lurking in the shadows.  The Guards are unable to solve the mystery.  Even worse, the citizens are blaming these events on the party.  Can Bridgefort be saved?

        • Explore the beautiful city of Bridgefort as you unravel clues to the true nature of the thief.
        • Work through the mystery where the choices the party makes has impact on future events.
        • Fight enemies who use advantages such as smaller size, secret tunnels, and hanging from the ceiling.
        • Complete with details of the city of Bridgefort, a fortified trading city rich in history that can be used in your campaign.
        • Perfect for experienced or beginning DMs!

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        5E C03: Sufferhorn Castle


        A 5th Edition compatible adventure for four PCs of Levels 2-3

        Mosshammer Castle has been seized by Sufferhorn orcs!  The former occupants of the castle are missing, most likely slain by the orcs during the violent attack.  Could the movement of the orcs into human territory herald a coming orc horde and the surging tides of war?  If the castle is not reclaimed the nearby towns and villages could be overrun when orc reinforcements arrive.  The PCs are called upon to retake the castle, now dubbed “Sufferhorn Castle” by the occupying orcs.  The mission will not be easy; the PCs must storm a castle, figure out how to get inside, and slay the leader of the Sufferhorn Orcs, the dreaded Dolaken Boarhut.

        Also included in “Sufferhorn Castle”:

        • Cartography by Jonathan G. Nelson
        • Sufferhorn Orc lore by Scott Ackerland
        • New Magical Item: Book of Striking Good Looks
        • New Monster: Mosshammer Skeletal Soldiers
        • Three New Traps by Rory Toma of Trap-a-day
        • Two bonus short side quests including a treasure map

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        5E C04: The Play’s the Thing

        $6.99 $5.99

        A 5th Edition compatible adventure for four to six PCs of Levels 4-5

        Naytella, a goddess of revelry and relaxed pleasure, had few shrines. Authorities feared what they couldn’t control and her belief in freedom of spirit worried many, causing them to drive her scattered followers underground. So when the bard Villeim Teatteri discovers an ancient site dedicated to Naytella, he knows what he must do; convert an entire town to her calling! But how to do that, and where to start? Everyone likes to see a good show and have a chance to share a drink or three with new friends, so Teatteri and his theatrical troupe set out to ensure both of these happen. But more is going on behind the scenes than meets the eye, and a voice of dissent asks the PCs to help restore order. It’s time to step forward and face the music for the party, as they find out that the play’s the thing to catch the conscience when adventuring!

        Also included in “The Play’s the Thing”:

        • Cartography by 3x ENnie award winner Todd Gamble
        • A new prestige class – the Companion of Naytella
        • New Spell: Influence
        • New Magic Items; Flyers of Influence and Posters of Influence
        • New Monster: Material Golem
        • “At your finger tips” NPC information on one page per level
        • All adventure modules contain GM, Player, and VTT maps!