What is Adventureaweek.com?

Adventureaweek.com provides monthly subscribers with a steady stream of D&D 5th Edition and Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible adventures in online flipbook and PDF formats. 

Your $10 monthly subscription grants access to our entire back catalog of 200+ D&D 5th Edition products, 350+ Pathfinder RPG products, VTT Map Packs, Mini-Dungeons, Fantasy Grounds modules, sound effects, and much more!

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What comes with a subscription?

When you subscribe to Adventureaweek.com you'll gain access to the inner sanctuary where you'll find a veritable boatload of adventures in both WEB and PDF formats. Every adventure includes high resolution GM, Player, and VTT maps by 3x ENnie award winning cartographer Todd Gamble or Tommi Salama.

Here's what you'll get with a monthly subscription:

  • 2 File Downloads (PDF, Fantasy Grounds, map packs, and more!)
  • Access to AAW Games' entire back catalog (Pathfinder/5th Edition)
  • Access to AAW Games' Kickstarter projects (Flipbook only)
  • GM, Player, and VTT Maps
  • Aventyr Campaign Setting
  • Hyper-linked RPG content
  • 100% Tablet compatible
  • RPG Soundboard (sound effects!)

If you prefer to look through our Print Catalog you may order print copies of many of our adventures on Drive-Thru RPG!

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How much does a monthly subscription cost?

$10/month payable with a credit card or PayPal.

Subscribe here!


How can I experience Adventureaweek.com before I subscribe?

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How do Flipbooks differ from PDF?

Flipbooks are viewable as PDFs but only while you are logged into our website. If you are traveling somewhere with no internet connection we recommend using one of your two free monthly downloads to obtain the PDF from the subscriber downloads section. If you are normally connected to the net whilst gaming you'll be able to access our entire collection of published works in Flipbook format and this includes our Kickstarter project releases!

Flipbook Sample (Pathfinder)

Flipbook Sample (5th Edition)

How many products can I download for free each month?

Paying subscribers are able to download 2 files per month which could be map packs, PDF adventures, Fantasy Grounds files, or anything else we offer. You'll find these under Subscriber Downloads in the menu up top.


What is the Shop? Do I find my subscriber downloads there?

The shop is for those who want to purchase products from Adventureaweek.com / AAW Games. If you're a subscriber you don't need to use the shop but rather the Subscriber Download area to find your 2 free monthly downloads. If you want to purchase additional material on top of your 2 free products please feel free to visit the shop and look around!


Do you have a simple video tutorial for new users?

Yes, right here! If you would like to obtain additional information on the site simply click here. This video is slightly outdated so there may be a few menu items which no longer exist but for the most part you'll get the idea of how the site works by watching it.


How do I update my credit card or other billing information?

Simply click here to update your billing information.


How do I cancel my subscription?

Simply click here to cancel your subscription.